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Mission, Aims & Objectives

  • to advance the education and training of fundraisers, retail and communications professionals in independent and NHS Hospices
  • to maintain and improve professional standards of hospice income generation
  • to support the work of Hospices

In furtherance of this Mission, to enable Hospice Income Generation Network to:

  • Receive support and enhance their role within the Hospice movement thereby improving standards and efficiency of income generation so that cost effective income is raised and publicity developed to support patient care
  • Attend training courses, either initiated by the Network or by outside bodies, so as to maintain and improve professional standards of fundraising
  • Liaise with outside organisations, both within and outside the Hospice movement, so that a comprehensive and well-balanced approach to efficient income generation can be developed
  • Communicate with each other by effective and planned means, so that information is exchanged in a rational way and within a framework of openness

The aims and objectives of the Hospice Income Generation Network are achieved through:

  • regular regional meetings which are free to members
  • an annual national conference, subsidised for members
  • website containing useful information
  • sharing ideas and best practice
  • providing subsidised training courses for members

What People Say About Us

David McFadden - ACCORD Hospice

I love that you are able to be in the room with so many like-minded people, looking for the betterment of fundraising practice and sharing knowledge with each other. The more we can do to make the fundraising world a better place for our supporters, the better for everyone. I’m proud to be a Fundraiser, and even prouder to be a Hospice Fundraiser. It will be great to become more involved with the Hospice Income Generation Network and hopefully be a good voice for Scotland.

Anne Brown - Saint Francis Hospice

As hospice fundraisers, we are in the fabulous position of doing the same work as one another but largely without being in competition. I love having the opportunity to meet other fundraisers, sharing ideas and experiences – both successes and the not-so successful – and learning from one another. Fundraising is relentless, hard work so it’s good to be able to help and encourage each other, and the Hospice Income Generation Network provides a brilliant platform to do this. It’s also so helpful to hear from experienced professionals, both at regional meetings and conference, who can educate and motivate us to become more effective, successful fundraisers.

Megan Boyle - Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice

The Hospice Income Generation Network is fantastic. I love that Hospice Fundraisers come together to share experiences and help each other. I look forward to regional meetings and get very excited ahead of Conference because I know I’ll leave buzzing to get back to my Hospice with lots of ideas, a reignited excitement and more fellow fundraisers in my phone happy to help. Hospices are special, and so is the Hospice Income Generation Network. I feel very proud and grateful to be a part of such a supportive network, always striving to do better to support the fantastic work of our hospices.

Veronica McBain - St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

For me, the Hospice Income Generation Network is a brilliant platform to support and encourage fundraisers and their hospices to raise as much money as possible. The regional meetings and annual conferences really are fantastic, not just for sharing best practice and ideas, but they act as great networking opportunities meaning members really do get value for money. It’s also reassuring knowing that there is always a listening ear amongst members, there’s always someone who has either experienced or done what you’ve done and they’re always willing to support one another. Here’s to another successful year

Jane Curtis, J C Consultancy

It’s so refreshing that you are all so supportive and such a tight knit community. There can be a lot of competition in the sector and wanting to keep things secret and it’s such a shame. ‘A rising tide lifts all boats!’ The more we can come together and collaborate and share the better for everyone. And I love that you involve your partners and they feel like part of the gang too. It’s been a honour to be involved!