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Hospice Income Generation Network Byelaws


  1. There shall be five classes of membership of the Association to be described as Individual member, Hospice member, International member, Associate member and Executive member.

  2. Persons who wish to be admitted to Membership shall be an active hospice fundraiser (paid or voluntary) or the person primarily responsible for fundraising at a hospice during the year of their membership. Membership is open to all Hospices. Hospices can now be members and the price will depend on the size of the fundraising team as follows:

    • 1 to 4 fundraisers £150
    • 5 to 9 fundraisers £200
    • 10 or more fundraisers £400
    • Individual £50

    Hospice Membership - Each fundraiser must be named on the application form in order to qualify for member benefits.

    Individual Membership - May be transferred depending on who paid the membership fee, as follows:

    • Fee paid by individual – membership can be transferred if the member moves to another hospice
    • Fee paid by hospice – membership can be transferred to another fundraiser (i.e. the original member’s replacement) at the hospice

  3. Fundraisers from foreign hospices can be admitted to membership and will be known as International members.

  4. Membership shall be paid by annual subscription in such amounts as the Council of Management of the Association (hereafter referred to as the National Executive Committee – NEC), shall from time to time declare.

  5. Membership shall lapse in the event that the annual subscription is outstanding for more than 28 days after it falls due to be paid on 31 March each year.

  6. Each named member shall have one vote in any meetings, regional or otherwise, called for the expression of the views of the membership or for the purpose of electing regional representatives.

  7. The NEC shall, at their discretion, appoint Associate members who can be co-opted onto the NEC. Associate members will not be expected to pay an annual subscription.

  8. Members must agree to adhere to the Hospice Income Generation Network Code of Conduct

  9. At the discretion of the NEC, members can be required to resign or their membership can be refused.


  1. The Membership shall be represented according to regions, which will, from time to time, be approved by the NEC. The regions shall be:

    • South West England, South Wales and the Channel Islands Midlands
    • Essex and East Anglia
    • London and South East England
    • North East England
    • North West England, North Wales and Isle of Man
    • Scotland and Northern Ireland

  2. Each region shall elect two Ordinary members to be regional representatives. These representatives shall in turn be eligible for appointment to the NEC in accordance with the Association’s Articles of Association and be known as Executive members. New representatives shall be appointed by the regions at their January meetings and these appointments will be ratified at the AGM of the Association or any other meeting.

  3. Executive members shall retire from the NEC by rotation, with the longest serving third retiring each year. Retiring Executive members will be eligible to be re-appointed.

  4. The NEC shall appoint from their number, the following officers who shall hold such office for a period of three years:

    • Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer

  5. An Executive member who has held such a post for three years must resign but can put themselves forward for re-election for a further three years.

  6. The NEC shall, in its absolute discretion, have power to co-opt from the region represented by an office holder, as set out above, persons to act as a co-opted representative should this be deemed necessary.

  7. The regional representatives shall be responsible for the dissemination of information to the members in their regions.


  1. Members shall address all matters of concern through their regional representatives, who will lay the matters before the NEC at its next meeting. Their decision, after due consideration, shall be final.

  2. From time to time, at the discretion of the NEC, a meeting may be called of the members of the Association for the purpose of seeking their views on policy matters, communication and, in particular, the rearrangement of the regional boundaries, the number of regional representatives in each region and the means generally by which the Objects of the Association shall be advanced. This will be without conferring on the membership the right of veto over the duties of the NEC to act in the best interests of the association. Such meetings shall comprise of an open forum, chaired by the Chairman of the NEC.